Peracetic Acid Based High Level Medical Instrument and Endoscope Disinfectant

Used for high-level disinfection of general surgery, anesthesia and dental surgical instruments made of stainless steel, rigid and flexible endoscopes, medical instruments made of plastic, silicone, glass, acrylate and rubber. It is suitable for use in high-level disinfection of medical instruments resistant to heat.


Concentrated product

Provides high level disinfection.

Aldehyde and phenol free.

Can be used in endoscopic instruments manually as well as in endoscopic washing machines. It is used in surgical instruments by manual immersion method.

Class II B product, according to directive 93/42 / EEC.


15% peracetic acid, auxiliary agents


Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, sporicidal in 5 minutes


Dilute at 1.5% (15 ml of product per 1 L water) and fill into a clean and closed container.

Immerse pre-cleaned and rinsed medical devices (medical instruments) in the ready-to-use Detro Plus PAA solution so that the surface and all cavities are filled.

After the action period, rinse the medical devices (medical instruments) with sterile or distilled water.

Ready-to-use solution is effective for 7 days and its effectiveness is checked with test strips.

It should not be used on nickel, chrome, plating and aluminum materials.

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