Airborne Disinfection Device

It is used for disinfection of hard-to-reach surfaces of buildings such as poultry houses, barns, animal shelters, hatcheries, integrated farms, veterinary clinics, food enterprises.

Product Properties

It penetrates all tools and equipment in closed areas applied with solution.
It provides disinfection of areas from 1m3 to 1000m3.
It has a delayed start feature with adjustable duration.
Provides RF remote control usage option.
It provides air cleaning with particle filter.
The disinfection time of an area of 50 m3 is only 3 minutes
It has a fast effect, the treated room can be reopened after 30-60 minutes.
It has automatic output feature at the end of the process thanks to its printer function (optional).
It has a special nozzle system positioned at 45°, which enables pulverization to be carried out easily and effectively.
It cleans the air entering the system with the particle filter.

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