Hydrogen Peroxide Based Rapid Surface Disinfectant for Medical Devices and Equipment

Used in the cleaning and disinfection of medical device surfaces which disinfection is required in every place where healthcare is provided such as operating theaters, intensive care units, patient care units, newborn units, dental clinics, laboratories. Suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of incubators, aerators used in dentistry, probes and medical devices used in ENT examinations where disinfection is required.


Ready-to-use product.

Phenol and aldehyde free.

Provides effectiveness in a short time with its low percent of hydrogen peroxide.

Safe for patients, healthcare workers, surfaces and the environment thanks to its active ingredients that easily decompose into oxygen and water.

High material compatibility. Suitable for use with devices / equipment made of polystyrene, stainless steel, PVC, polycarbonate, ceramic, ABS, silicone, HDPE, rubber, glass.

Cleaning and disinfection in one step


0.40% Hydrogen Peroxide, salicylic acid and auxiliary materials


Bactericidal and fungicidal in 30 seconds, virucidal in 1 minute and mycobactericidal in 5 minutes


Spray onto the medical device to cover all of it.

Wait for microbiological effective time for the activity of the product and apply sterile and non-particle wipes.

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