Oiling Spray for Surgical Instruments and Air Exhausters

Used in cleaning and maintenance of surfaces and coatings of all kinds of surgical instruments, preventing the corrosion of flexible parts of endoscopes and surgical instruments, maintenance and lubricating of exhauster caps.


Prevents the dirt resulted from high temperature and chemical reaction (such as water vapor stain, betadine and protein stains) to adhere onto the surface of the surgical instrument.
It gives a bright and clean shiny look.
Forms a protective layer that reduces the holding of chemicals like cement, alginate, zinc oxide, carboxylate and phosphate on dental surgical instruments.
Cleans the dirt adhered into the turbine channels of aerator heads with high pressure air makes them remain greasy even in contact with water.
Does not contain silicone and its derivatives, so does not prevents sterilization.
Contains high-heat (200 0C) resistant medical paraffin oils..


Medical white paraffin oils, butane


Use in Surgical Hand Tools
DETRO LUBE SPRAY is sprayed from a certain distance without the extension hose of the sprayer on the surgical instruments which are cleaned, disinfected and spread on a flat surface.

Use extension hose, especially for loose parts.

After making sure that the spraying is done well, the loose parts are functionally tested and the product is deeply penetrated.

Then sterilization process is started.

Use in Endoscopes and Aerator Heads
When used for endoscopes and aerator heads it is sprayed sufficiently directly to the toothed parts and loose parts by attaching the aerosol extension hose to the tip of the spray head.

The function test is done and the use of the tools is continued after it is fully lubricated.

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