Hemodialysis Device Disinfectant

It is a concentrate product used for decalcifying and disinfection of infected device and device spare parts which are used for dialysis patients.


Concentrated product, solves the calcium carbonate at 37 °C in devices which use volumetric mixing systems.
Economic advantage due to being concentrated.
Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Doesn’t contain coloring or fragrant materials.
It protects and cleans the device by solving the calcium carbonate formed inside.
Doesn’t damage the device parts thanks to the corrosion inhibitors.


Citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid


Detro Hemoplus is sucked into device by the disinfectant hose.

Recommendations of the machine producer and machine properties are considered for proper dosing.

The solution is circulated for in the infected machine and the process is finished.

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