Enzymatic Foam Cleaner for Medical Instruments and Endoscopes

Used for moistening and cleaning all kinds of surgical instruments, medical devices and endoscopes with foam before disinfection (during collection and transportation).


Ready to use foamy product in the form of spray.

Aldehyde, phenol, chlorine free.

Thanks to the foam produced by the ergonomic spray head, the solution covers the instruments homogeneously.

The foam, which is stabilized for a long time and does not allow air to come into contact with the surface, allows the instruments to remain wet for a long time (during collection and transfer) and at a level that will prevent drying of organic dirt.

Thanks to its 4-enzyme content, it is effective in easily dissolving organic wastes such as blood, fat, protein, starch on the surfaces.

Saves time in the pre-cleaning process as it prevents drying and help removal of dirt during the collection and transfer of instruments to the central sterilization unit.

High rinsing ability thanks to its solubility in water.

Does not cause corrosion in the materials thanks to the corrosion inhibitors it contains.

Very high material compatibility and is suitable for the use of all tools which are free for wetting. Can be used safely in glass, rubber, wood, ceramic, silicone, plastic and stainless steel materials.


Amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase enzymes, surfactant, preservatives, corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers


Cover the collection container with Detro Enzym Foam before collection.

Get your instruments here.

Cover all the tools with foam.

Close the container.

Rinse well after the necessary contact time.

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