LOWTEM Crystal 120D

1. Rapid Warmup & Dry System
2. Convenient and Safe Sterilizing Agent
3. 7” full touch LCD, Easy Monitoring the Cycle Information
4. Plug and Play
5. USB History Memory
6. Automatic PM Alarm System
7. Built in Thermal Printer, Printout with Actual Cycle Information
8. Login Function
9. Monitoring System
10. Auto Interlock & Open System
11. Double Door System


  • Rapid Warmup & Dry System
    1. The world’s first patented “Rapid Warmup and Dry System” allows to overcome the humidity-related problem.
    2. LOWTEM Series automatically removes residual moisture through the enhanced drying performance for medical devices in warm up phase.
    3. “Rapid Warmup and Dry System” gets rid of Cold Points and maintains same temperature inside chamber, which is very effective for sterilizing the complicated medical devices with its strong penetration power.
  • Convenient and Safe Sterilizing Agent
    1. “Tank type” sterilant is safe for users to store, to deliver, and to use.
    2. The automatic system for changing and installing sterilant tank is convenient and safe for users.
    3. LOWTEM Series’ tank type sterilant does not need to be replaced often, as it can be used scores of times.
  • 7” full touch LCD, Easy Monitoring the Cycle Information
    1. LOWTEM Series’ 7”full touch LCD monitor provides with all functions of the machine using simple letters, pictures, and icons.
    2. User can monitor the actual temperature and pressure from the graph on the monitor.
  • Plug and Play
    LOWTEM Series’ warming up time is very rapid (Maximum 15 min) after main power is on, so that standby power consumption is zero during off-duty or overnight.
  • USB History Memory
    LOWTEM Series’ sterilization history can be downloaded to your USB memory stick, and maintained at your convenience. Furthermore, it can be remote-controlled by its own out-of-state network system.
  • Automatic PM Alarm System
    LOWTEM Series provide alarms to prevent from irregular maintenance.
    Automatic PM Alarm System is very useful for users and engineers to be noticed.
  • Built in Thermal Printer, Printout with Actual Cycle Information
    Built-in thermal printer uses 60mm (Ø) Roll paper. Users do not need to replace it often.
    The printout from this printer provides temperature, pressure with the cycle graph on the paper.
  • Login Function
    LOWTEM Series provide User ID and PW, so that hospital can manage users who access the sterilizer.
  • Monitoring System
    1. Cycle temperature, pressure, and sterilization cycle status can be remotely monitored.
    2. Thanks to the monitoring system, LOWTEM Series can be maintained and upgraded easily.
  • Auto Interlock & Open System
    One gentle push makes the chamber door locked, and the chamber door can be opened automatically when the door sensor detects finger movement. LOWTEM Series’ extraordinary user friendly functions provide convenient and safe environment.
  • Double Door System
    LOWTEM Crystal 120D has an optimizing pass-through double door system for CSSD, satisfying a need for separation of clean and sterile zone.
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